3 Pet Remembrance Activities That Can Help You Heal

3 Pet Remembrance Activities That Can Help You Heal

After your beloved pet leaves this world, it can be difficult to get through the next day, let alone many years later. Despite their passing, it is important that you remind yourself of your pet, and how dear they were to you. There are different ways you can incorporate pet remembrance into your life, allowing you to take a moment and appreciate your best friend, who was there with you until the end. 

1. Create a Spot Just for Your Pet

This could be indoors or outdoors, either a place your pet always went to, like under a favorite tree, or someplace you know they would appreciate. If you pick someplace outdoors, you can plant flowers and have a remembrance stone created in honor of your pet. This can feature a picture of them engraved on the stone, dates, or even an inspirational quote. If you pick someplace inside, a picture of your pet and perhaps their ashes can be set close together. 

Whenever you need to cry, feel close to your animal, or just take a few minutes, you can go to this spot and allow your emotions to run free. 

2. Have a Piece of Jewelry Made

Maybe you would like to wear your treasured companion close to your heart. If that is the case, a piece of jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or even earrings, might be the solution you are looking for. You can have your pet's ashes put into the jewelry, so they are always nearby. The best part is, you can wear it whenever you would like, whether you are having a tough time or just need some reassurance after missing your pet. 

3. Make a Donation in Their Name

One way that you can keep your pet's memory alive in a positive way is to make a donation to a charity that helps animals. This could be funding for vet visits, a no-kill shelter, or even a breed-specific rescue. Through your good deeds of donating to help other animals in need, your pet's memory can live on in a way that is full of meaning and purpose.

Pet remembrance can be helpful after your pet has passed can help to heal your heart and bring you peace. These small activities are filled with meaning and can help you reflect on the good times, and why you loved your furry companion so much, making the transition a little easier to bear.

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