7 Fun FAQs About Pets Worldwide

7 Fun FAQs About Pets Worldwide

If you are a pet owner, you already know about the joy animals can bring to your life. Pets provide you with companionship, affection and are usually much-loved and loyal members of the family, but how much do you know about pet statistics around the United States and the world? 

1. More Than Half of U.S. Homes Have a Pet 

People in the United States love their pets, and the numbers seem to support that. Nearly 70% of families own some kind of pet, according to a recent pet product survey. Dogs and cats top the list, along with fish and different types of reptiles. 

2. Wyoming Loves Pets 

While pet owners exist in every U.S. state, Wyoming leads the pack with the heaviest concentration of companion animals, with 71% of households including a pet. Other states also boast a similar number, including: 

•       West Virginia 

•       Arkansas 

•       Vermont 

Overall, dogs are the most popular pets in these states. 

3. Tampa Leads the Pet Pack 

Tampa, Florida, has the highest concentration of pets in one city in the U.S., where nearly 60% of households own a pet. The city also scores high in outdoor pet-friendly areas, such as dog parks and dining areas with outdoor seating that allows leashed pets. 

4. Millennials Say Yes to Pets 

Millennials living in the United States are the most likely age group to own a pet. One recent consumer survey noted that over 40% of those 18-34 years of age who did not own a dog or cat planned on getting one in the near future. This age group is also the most likely to pamper their pets with specialty foods, toys and even holiday outfits. 

5. Older Owners Love Pets Too

Middle-aged Americans represent the country’s average when it comes to pet ownership. One recent survey lists the average pet owner’s age at 47, a surprisingly high number when you consider that millennials lead the pack. However, the majority of American pet owners are generally younger than the rest of the country’s population, which may explain the gap. 

6. There Are no Stray Pets in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands used a variety of actions to lower its stray pet population to zero and is the first country to tackle this problem forcefully. Cities imposed additional taxes on pet stores that sell animals and created a variety of pet welfare programs that moved dogs and cats from shelters to loving homes all over the nation. 

7. Argentina Is Top Dog 

When it comes to countries that love pets, Argentina leads the way with over 80% of households including a pet. As with other locations, dogs are the preferred pet, with cats coming in second. 

No matter where you live, your age or lifestyle, your pet deserves regular veterinary care to ensure a long, healthy life. Schedule an appointment with us today and learn more about what makes pets so popular in the United States and all around the world. 

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