Animal Pain Awareness Month

Animal Pain Awareness Month

Understanding Pet Pain Awareness

Most pet owners love their furry friends like one of the family. You want to make sure that they're always happy and feeling well. Sometimes it's hard to know when they're in pain. That's why September is Pet Pain Awareness month. Learn about a few of the different causes of pain your pet could be experiencing and how you can help them.

Increasing Pet Pain Awareness

If your dog or cat runs into something or suffers an injury, you'd probably assume that they're in pain. You may tend to their wound or get them treatment at the veterinarian's office. However, certain types of pain are harder to recognize and therefore harder to treat. Here are some of the common causes of pain in our pets:

  • Arthritis: As pets get older, their joints start to change just like humans. This can result in arthritis and other joint problems that make it painful for your pet to move.

  • Dental problems: Have you ever had a bad toothache? The same thing can happen to your dog or cat. When pets have dental problems, it becomes hard for them to eat and live as normal. This is why dental care is so important for your pets.

  • Cancer: Sadly, our pets can suffer from cancer. When they are ill, they are often in pain but have no way to tell us.

  • Skin infections: Rashes, bug bites and allergic reactions can all cause painful irritations for our pets.

If you ever notice your pet acting differently, get them checked out at Pet Hospitals of Hawaii. Signs that they are in pain include slower movements, avoiding using a certain limb, decreased energy and changing appetites.

Treating Pet Pain

Helping your pet feel better when they're in pain can also be tricky. You can try different methods but your pet can't give you feedback as to what works. Traditional options include medication and surgery where appropriate. Thankfully, there are also less invasive alternative treatments such as acupuncture and laser therapy, so you have different options to help your dog or cat feel better.

Improve Your Pet Pain Awareness

When you think about all the joy your pets bring you, it's only natural to want to protect them from any suffering. You can do this by increasing your pet pain awareness and taking note of when your pets are not acting normally and may be in pain. If they need help or treatment, reach out to Pet Hospitals of Hawaii for the best care.

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