Get Pet Medications from Your Local Veterinary Hospital

Get Pet Medications from Your Local Veterinary Hospital

Buying pet medications online is a risky decision. Most people have encountered ads for low-cost med options that are available without a prescription. The truth is, this is not a better choice for your pet or your budget. A number of these companies are not well regulated, and you never know what you are purchasing. It is better to visit your local veterinarian to get pet medicines.

You Get Guaranteed Quality Control

Pet meds that your veterinarian prescribes are under the regulatory control of the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA requires strict handling of medicines purchased by consumers. Some products you buy may come from foreign markets that have different requirements for potency and purity.

A medication may be packaged the same as similar types sold in the U.S. but could contain far different ingredients. These unauthorized products may not be effective and could contain harmful elements. There is no way to be certain what is in the container or what your pet is ingesting.

Your Pet Gets Expert Professional Care

Veterinarians assess your pet to determine health issues before prescribing medications. They can notice changes in your pet’s behavior or overall well-being from the previous visit. Vets consider underlying factors and what medications are appropriate and for how long.

Even if your vet prescribes a medicine at a previous appointment, it does not mean the dosage or treatment protocols will remain the same going forward. Regular vet visits are necessary for ongoing evaluation to make sure your animals receive the right care for their current health condition.

You Get True Cost Efficiency

Medications received from your trusted and reputable local veterinarian are cost-effective for many reasons. Pet hospitals may offer discount programs and rebates. This kind of assistance can keep the cost comparable to prices you find online.

It is understandable that consumers want to save money when possible. Unfortunately, unregulated drugs have the potential to cause harm to your animal and lead to more costly care measures, such as emergency visits, tests, and treatment.

You Get a Prescription

Preventatives are a large part of the market for online pharmacies. Preventatives are easy to pick up through internet shopping, and they can seem the same as buying options already sold in retail stores. The problem is that many online products are not sold legally or under controlled conditions. There can be significant issues with meds that are illegally distributed:

•       Expired

•       Not properly stored

•       Counterfeit

•       Mislabeled

•       Formulated improperly or including dangerous substances

It is such a serious problem that the FDA has online guidelines for safer purchases. Heartworm, flea and tick, and pain meds need careful administration as prescription meds. Some pets have allergic reactions or have bad drug interactions. It is important to speak with your vet about all medications your pet takes. Consult before beginning a new drug of any kind, so you ensure your pet is safe.

You Get Informed Treatment Plans

The specialized care of your veterinarian is essential for a lifetime of health. A vet is aware of your pet’s long-term care needs and can prescribe the correct meds and provide a plan for ongoing care. You never have to guess whether a medication is safe. Cheaper product choices mean your pets may not get the quality medications they deserve.

Contact Your Local Veterinary Hospital for Pet Health Needs

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