National Pet Insurance Awareness Month

National Pet Insurance Awareness Month

September Is National Pet Insurance Awareness Month

September is an ideal time for making sensible changes and planning for your household’s future, especially with National Pet Insurance Awareness Month. Pet owners concerned about unexpected mishaps should consider insurance for their pets to help reduce their veterinary bills. Whether you share your household with a dog, cat or feathered friend, insurance policies can cover a range of pet injuries and illnesses.

Pet Insurance Help Pets Remain in Good Health

Like humans, animals benefit from receiving regular health care checkups. Diagnosing medical issues before they become serious helps your pet receive effective treatments that enable them to live longer. Pet insurance companies generally offer policies with premiums based on your animal’s age. Purchasing a policy while your pet is young allows you to afford regularly scheduled veterinary care.

Good insurance plans cover expenses for both illnesses and prescriptions. If an association exists between serious issues such as kidney stones and your pet's breed, you may require an insurance plan that provides coverage for surgical procedures. Finding a policy that also pays for lab or imaging tests could help you reduce the costs during a pet’s sudden health crisis.

Animals covered by pet insurance give licensed veterinarians the ability to perform better. Either a routine or an emergency visit to an animal hospital could bring to light a pet’s undiagnosed medical issue. Without an insurance policy, an owner may not have the financial means to give consent for a vet to begin treatment.

Pet Insurance Plans

Pet insurance can enable you to discuss the best available treatment options for your animal. The right policy can allow your pet to receive necessary emergency care regardless of the cost. If a serious medical condition develops, you may need a plan that also covers post-operative care. Some insurance companies also provide coverage for alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

Many insurance carriers offer pet coverage regardless of an animal’s breed. Owners with aging animals or those with pre-existing conditions, however, may have a harder time finding affordable coverage. Shopping around for a policy generally requires obtaining quotes to learn the annual deductibles and co-pays.

Wellness exams play an important role in keeping your animal friend in good health. Contact us to learn more about how the right pet insurance plan and regularly scheduled checkups can help your pet be healthy and happy.


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