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Pets are important members of our families, and they are entirely dependent on us for their well-being. Besides providing food, shelter and safety, a critical part of caring for our pets is keeping them healthy, and good dental health is vital to their overall health.

Today is July 31st, and we are celebrating poi dogs (mutts) as part of National Mutt Day! We are not surprised these unique pups are given a whole day to themselves.

In addition to providing love and companionship, dogs improve our lives in numerous ways. Assistance dogs are trained to keep their users safe and perform daily tasks to make life easier.

July 30th is International Friend Day, and furry friends are among the best. There has never been a better time to celebrate the friendship and companionship that you and your pets share.

For day 5 of National Pet Week, it is time to talk travel! As summer approaches, more families will be hitting the road or taking to the skies to vacation in all sorts of places.

World Animal Day is a special day for animal lovers and conservationists around the world. Created in 1925 by Heinrich Zimmerman, the holiday is designed to raise awareness of and improve the standards of animal welfare worldwide.

The Top 5 Pet Safety Tips

It is important to take a proactive approach to protecting pets all year round. To commemorate National Animal Safety and Protection Month, here are five of the most helpful tips for keeping any pet safe.

6 Reasons You Need Comprehensive Care for Your Exotic Pet

Wellness exams are important for your exotic pets because their care needs are quite different from other animals. Many exotic pets are sensitive to temperature, light, and living conditions and require environments that take these needs into consideration.

Just like you, your furry friend loves to dress up and go out now and then. National Dress Up Your Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge that wish with some comfortable pet clothing that unleashes your pet's personality. 

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